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The Knowledge Center provides information related to the Austrian Health Literacy Alliance and its focus areas.

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The Austrian Health Literacy Survey (HLS19‐AT) is part of the international Health Literacy Survey (HLS19), a project of the WHO Action Network on Measuring Population and Organizational Health Literacy (M‐POHL). Based on the HLS19‐AT results recommendations on strengthening health literacy were developed.

English Summary: HLS19‐AT results

English Summary: Recommendations for improving health literacy in the Austrian population

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download adobestock 332566403  Griebler, Robert (2021): Coronavirus-related health literacy in Austrian: results of a 3-wave survey in 2020. IHLA Global Health Literacy Summit 2021, 5. October 2021, Online.

download adobestock 332566403  Griebler, Robert (2021): Coronavirus-related health literacy in Austrian: results of a trend study. 11th IUHPE European Conference on Health Promotion: Health Promotion – Transformative action in a changing Europe, 14. Juni 2021, Online.


download adobestock 332566403  Gugglberger, Lisa; Rojatz, Daniela; Koslitsch-Nageler, Verena (2021) Promoting health literate primary care units through certification. A pilot study from Austria. Presentation at the HPH Conference, Paris Oct 12 2021.

download adobestock 332566403  Rojatz, Daniela; Nowak, Peter; Christ, Rainer (2018): The Austrian health care reform: an opportunity to implement health
promotion into primary health care units.


In Austria a national train-the-trainer programme (TTT) has been developed, implemented and evaluated with the aim of training and certifying participants for developing, implementing and delivering communication skills training (CST) for health professionals.

download adobestock 332566403  Sator, Marlene; Holler, Peter; Rosenbaum, Marcy (2021): National train-the-trainer certificate programme for improving healthcare communication in Austria. In: Patient Education and Counseling, 104/2021, 2857-2866.

download adobestock 332566403  Ammentorp, Jette; Bigi, Sarah, Silverman, Jonathan; Sator, Marlene; Gillen, Peter; Ryan, Winifred; Rosenbaum Marcy; Chiswell, Meg; Doherty, Eva; Martin, Peter (2021): Upscaling communication skills training – lessons learned from international initiatives. Patient Educ Couns. 2021 Feb;104(2):352-359. doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2020.08.028. Epub 2020 Aug 28. PMID: 32888756.


The vision of M-POHL is to enhance health literacy in the WHO European Region by ensuring the availability of high-quality and internationally comparative data to support evidence-informed political decisions and targeted practice interventions.

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